• Sofia

3 steps get a kickstart on LinkedIn

You know you need to be there, but don't really get the gist of it. You might visit LinkedIn a couple times each month, like something here and there and maybe not that proud of your profile. Unfortunately, this is not enough if you want to utilise LinkedIn as the brilliant branding tool it actually is. To make it work for you there are a few, and quite simple steps that you need to take.

Your profile picture is the first impression So make it good. Don’t use the holiday picture on the beach, drinking a cocktail. Make it simple, stand in front of a calm, preferably a white background. Wear clothes that stand out from that background and have a natural smile.

Write a kick-ass summary

Who are you writing for? Who do you want to remember you? What’s your aim with your LinkedIn presence? Get that clear for you when you write your summary. You want to stand out from the noise, and given that we get targeted by so many messages each day you need to make sure that the reader remembers you in the end of the day.

Important things first

There’s only a few words shown until the reader has to click “Show more” on your short description, or the Summary (on LinkedIn language). So make those words count; say the most important things, what you want everyone to see and remember of you - first. Think like a journalist; always put the most important things in the ingress of their article, and tease the viewer to read further.

Once this is done you are well on your way to succeed on LinkedIn.

Do you want more help to utilise the channel more, to generate more business, to build brand ambassador networks and to have LinkedIn workshops to solve your challenges - don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll see how we can help you.